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7.2.84 07/26/2023

CRM Mailing

Replies to previously sent emails

When opening previously sent emails with the email viewer and clicking on "Reply" or "Reply to all", these emails could not be sent. This also did not create history entries, as these are created by the Mail Agent, after sending. This error has now been fixed.

7.2.83 07/14/2023


New component catalogs available

The component catalogs "MDT technologies, KNX Smart Home" and "Photovoltaics" are now available. For more information please contact our service.

CAD Gebäudetechnik-Assistent

Switching layers in the "Edit free graphics" function

When editing Free Graphics, it could happen that macros could no longer be read when switching layers on or off, because they were searched for in the wrong directory. The program had to be terminated in these cases.

7.2.82 06/07/2023

CAD Gebäudetechnik-Assistent

Set symbol over catalog tree

In building services engineering, symbols are always inserted into a floor plan via an article. If a symbol is selected via the graphic or the name, all articles of the selected catalog branch are displayed in the selection list, to which this symbol is assigned. As soon as an article has been selected or the ESC key has been pressed, the selection is automatically reset to the previous setting.

Treesoft Office

Sort project list

In the project list you can now sort by the columns for the project variables again.

Filtering in project list

The project path is now taken into account when filtering.

Columns renamed in project list

The columns "title" and "name" have been renamed to "label" and "name".

Column added in project list

The "Directory" column can now be displayed.

Preselection in project list

When opening the project list in CAD and CAD Converter, the active project is preselected.

7.2.81 05/09/2023

CAD Schaltplan-Assistent

Automatic labeling

The "Label All" function can now be started with the shortcut key F7.

Options evaluation

If the "Automatically save modified drawings" check box is activated, modified drawings are automatically saved without any further inquiry when an evaluation function is started.

7.2.80 04/18/2023

General optimizations and stability improvements.

7.2.79 03/24/2023


Updated plug-ins available

An update is available for the "Rittal Schaltschranksysteme" plug-in. For more information, please refer to the manual "Installation-Update.pdf".

7.2.78 03/23/2023

Treesoft Office

Preparations for version 7.3.

7.2.77 03/14/2023

CAD Schaltplan-Assistent

Crash during evaluation

Due to inconsistent labeling lists, a program crash could occur during the evaluation of a schematic. The problem can be solved by rebuilding the labeling lists (short key [Shift]+[N]).

Creating a new document

If no drawing frame is selected when creating a new document, the scale is set to 1:1 by default.

7.2.76 03/10/2023

Treesoft Hilfebrowser

Error during demo installations under Windows 11

The help browser could not be started during demo installations under Windows 11, this has been fixed.


When creating the table of contents, if a profile is used in which the table of contents is disabled, then it will be created but excluded from the page numbering.

CAD Konverter

Crash when converting DWG/DXF to ZNG

When converting DWG/DXF drawings containing rays, the software could crash.

CRM Adressverwaltung

Crash in the Edit Favorites dialog

When opening the Edit Favorites dialog, the software could crash, this has been fixed.

CRM Mailing

Mandatory fields of incoming e-mail accounts

The user must now fill in all mandatory fields when adding or editing incoming email accounts.

7.2.75 02/15/2023

CAD Schaltplan-Assistent

Endless loop in "Formatted Text" function

If the "Formatted Text" function was started using the [Ctrl]+[T] key combination, the function could neither be finished nor aborted.

CRM Adressverwaltung

Filtered addresses are unique again

Fixed a regression in the addresslist sql generator, filter results and employee ids are now distinct again while keeping the previously improved performance.

Performance optimization when searching for communications with the address list.

The database query in the address list has been further optimized. Searching for communications with the address list is now faster than before.

7.2.74 02/10/2023


Warning for old faulty Intel graphics drivers

Before installing (or updating, upgrading) the program checks if there is an Intel GPU whose drivers are older than the 9.1.2020 or version In this case, the user is asked to update these drivers as soon as possible, as they negatively affect the performance of Treesoft Office services (increased CPU load).


Direct selection of area function

Autoconnect lines are displayed again if the function is selected directly in the area function dialog by double-clicking or using the associated key (Mnemonic).

CAD Gebäudetechnik-Assistent

Connection list/cable type list

In both lists, missing information caused by incompletely parameterized cables/lines is indicated by a question mark.

CRM Adressverwaltung

Address list performance optimization

The database queries of the address list have been revised and optimized, resulting in shorter interruptions of the workflow.

ERP Preisberechnung

Average wage with decimal places

The price per time unit now accepts decimal places

7.2.73 01/24/2023

CRM Mailing

No subject in outbox

In the outbox, the subject of multi dispatch emails is now displayed again. The same applies to e-mails of the single dispatch, if the filter is limited to these.

7.2.72 01/23/2023

General optimizations and stability improvements.

7.2.71 01/20/2023


faster installation

Installing and upgrading Treesoft Office is now much faster because unnecessary redundancies have been removed.

7.2.70 01/16/2023

CAD Schaltplan-Assistent

Formatted text

The key combination [Ctrl]+[T] starts the function "Formatted Text". Within the function one could no longer call the format selection with the [F] key.

CRM Mailing

Save As of templates

The Save As command in the EFB Editor has been extended so that a name can now also be entered for the template to be saved.

Statistik und Auswertung

Designer in "User-defined statistics"

The "Designer" button can now be used to open the form designer for the selected report.

7.2.69 12/22/2022


Symbols with a '.' in the name

The dot was incorrectly interpreted as a separator for the file name extension. When matching the symbol libraries to the database, the dot and all following characters were not taken into account.

CRM Adressverwaltung

Uniform naming of commands

In the address window, in the Window menu, the "Reset settings" command has been renamed to "Reset to factory defaults".

Likewise, in the context menu of most table headers, the "Restore Defaults" command has been renamed to "Reset to Factory Defaults".

Reset pre-filtered addresses

If you open an address e.g. via Start-Center, this address will be filtered in the address list, until now you had to press Reset Filter. This filtering is now also cancelled when you press buttons in the address list.

Pressed buttons in the address list

Until now the state of pressed buttons in the address list was saved and loaded when opening the address window. Here it has turned out that this behavior rather leads to confusion and negatively influences the workflow. Therefore the state of the buttons is no longer saved.

Prefiltering addresses for entries

In the entries dialog you can link addresses and contacts via Details > Linked contacts > Plus. Here the opened address list is prefiltered with the already assigned addresses. This becomes useful, for example, if you want to add more contacts from already assigned addresses to an existing entry.

CRM Mailing

Variables of drafts in EFB editor

After opening drafts, the MiscSubject variable was not automatically updated when changing the subject. This has been fixed now.

Saving drafts

When editing drafts, the associated entry was previously deleted and recreated. This resulted in the need to reload the entry list if multiple users wanted to edit the same draft. The respective entry is now updated so that the entry list no longer has to be reloaded manually.

7.2.68 11/23/2022

General optimizations and stability improvements.

7.2.67 11/22/2022


Edit project table

The list now also shows archived projects and projects marked for deletion.

CRM Adressverwaltung

Sorting of positions and departments

Both positions and departments can no longer be sorted explicitly, as the corresponding selection list boxes always display them sorted in descending order. Instead, a sorting via the columns can now be applied when creating/editing positions and departments (has no influence on the sorting of the selection list fields).

7.2.66 11/21/2022


Performance optimization

Starting Treesoft CAD, changing the active project as well as calling the project list (activate project) via the menu "Project > Edit…" or the command "Edit project" could be accelerated considerably.

CAD Konverter

T-connectors not converted correctly

When converting from ZNG to DWG/DXF, the T-connectors were not converted correctly.

CRM Adressverwaltung

More characters for position

The position can now contain 40 characters.

Button for editing the employee number

The button for editing the employee number is now displayed by default at the bottom of the address window. This was previously only visible when logged in as admin.

Treesoft Office

Filter settings adjusted

The date filters "Start", "Due", "Created", "Completed" and "Timestamp" for history, events, tasks, email inbox and outbox are now linked with "OR". In this way, for example, tasks can be filtered which were created or completed in the specified time period.

Qualifications addresses and contacts

New qualifications are no longer added at the end, but at the position of the selected qualification. The same now applies when pasting a copied qualification.

7.2.65 11/03/2022


Set symbol over catalog tree

The "Set symbol over catalog tree" function now displays articles and symbols again.

7.2.64 10/28/2022


Date separator of resubmissions in the gray bar in the address window

Previously, a comma was used as a separator, but since this was difficult to read, it was replaced by a slash.

Emails in transit

Emails in transit were sometimes not displayed in the list, the cause of this has been fixed.

CRM Mailing

Sending e-mail to global e-mail addresses

Attempting to send an email to multiple global email addresses using the EFB editor caused a crash, this has been fixed.

7.2.63 10/26/2022

CAD Schaltplan-Assistent

Copy 2-wire cable

When copying 2-wire cable symbols, it could happen that the references to the assigned wire numbers were stored incorrectly in the labeling lists. This in turn resulted in the wire numbers being swapped when the copied cable symbol was labeled again.


Title in the gray bar in the address window was not filled correctly

Due to changes in version 7.2.62 the gray bar in the address window was not filled correctly, this has been fixed.

7.2.62 10/24/2022


Adding/removing symbols

In the "Graphic" docking window of the "Set symbol over catalog tree…" function, symbols can be added or removed again.

CAD Schaltplan-Assistent

Object selection during hatching

The selection of the objects to be considered, in the function "Hatching > Select objects", is now possible again with the [O] key.


"Insert content" command in the old text component

In the old text component (history entries, ERP pre-closing/closing texts and the e-file) there is a command "Insert content". The function behind the command was accidentally removed in version 7.1.57, which meant that the command no longer had any effect. This has now been undone, so the command now works again.

User selection for "Mine" filters in the address list.

Until now, when pressing the "Mine" button in the address list, the current user was used to filter the addresses. Now it is possible to use the user selection on the left side in the address window to select the respective user to be included in the "Mine" search.

Refreshing the title bar in the address window

The title bar in the address window did not always show the name of the current address before, this has been fixed now.

CRM Mailing

Select e-mail addresses

It could happen that not all employees were displayed in the "Select e-mail addresses" dialog under the "Employees" tab.

Filling Cc and Bcc when loading drafts.

When loading previously saved drafts, Cc and Bcc were not loaded, this has now been fixed.

Wrong variable values when replying e-mails

When creating a reply email via the email viewer and then adding more email addresses, the variables were filled with wrong values. This error has now been fixed.

7.2.61 09/29/2022


Duplicate symbols can be hidden in the symbol dialogs

In the dialogs Name and Graphic of the function "Set symbol over catalog tree", symbols that are assigned to several branches can be filtered out via the context menu. Corresponding symbols are then displayed only once.

CAD Konverter

Update ground plan

After updating a ground plan, it could happen that the ground plan was laid out incorrectly.

CRM Adressverwaltung

Agents with or without commissions in Wivo

In Wivo, addresses are now also displayed where the user is entered as a agent with commission or as an agent without commission, but where no wivo entry has been created. In addition, addresses with resubmissions are displayed that do not have a start and end date entered.

Change of address when selecting the calendar

When selecting another calendar in the address window, sometimes the currently displayed address was changed. This no longer happens.

CRM Mailing

Empty variables in the TEFB editor

Variables for global communications of an address are no longer empty.

Settings for outgoing e-mail accounts simplified

The settings for outgoing e-mail accounts have been combined and simplified.

7.2.60 09/05/2022


Printing on specific paper formats

Printing on user-defined paper formats as well as DIN-A0, DIN-A1 and DIN-A2 is now possible again.

CRM address management

Missing scroll bar added to campaign features in address dialog.

In the address dialog not all campaign features (Ctrl+F8) were displayed when the list became too long. This error has been corrected by an automatic scroll bar.

CRM Mailing

OAUTH2 support

Treesoft Office now supports receiving and sending e-mail using OAUTH2.

Added Copy and Paste menu items to the contact list.

The menu items "Copy Record", "Copy All" and "Paste" have been added to the context menu of the contact list. Due to an error, these menu items were previously only available when the context menu was called in an empty area of the contact list.

ERP Drucken

Error message when print preview or print is called repeatedly.

After the first call of the print preview or the print for ERP documents, an error message is displayed when calling it again. Treesoft Office had to be restarted to be able to execute the print preview or print again.

7.2.59 08/23/2022

Treesoft Office

The license evaluation has been adapted for the help browser.

7.2.58 08/22/2022


It is now possible again to structure the table of contents according to system or location. The necessary parameters are stored in the "Sheet change" dialog during the form definition of the table of contents (Options > Circuit diagram > Evaluation > Generate lists, create table of contents). Optionally, only the sheet is changed or a new file is created when the system or location identifier is changed. Both the system or location identifier can optionally be written to a variable in the title block. If the option "Abbreviate item designation" is activated, the corresponding column in the table of contents remains empty and the respective identifier is only written in the title block. By default, the text "Page n of m" is written to the variable «Content1» when the table of contents is created. This is omitted if either the system or the location indicator is to be written to the variable or the variable has already been labeled in the frame drawing at level 255.


Inserting text modules

When inserting text modules, no preview was displayed in the Texts dialog, and when confirming the dialog, no text module was inserted into the current text. This error has been fixed now.

CRM Mailing

Rights in TEFB-Editor

The configured default rights were not used when an entry was created using the new mailing editor.

Automatic linking of contacts in the EFB editor

When selecting recipients in the EFB editor, the respective contacts are now automatically linked to the history entry.

Treesoft Office

The preparations for the new help system have been completed. For the time being, it is only activated for internal processing. This sets the course for a multilingual and high quality help system.

7.2.57 07/27/2022

CAD Schaltplan-Assistent

Labeling of automatically set adersymbols

Automatically set wire symbols can now be labeled again. To do this, the "Information variable symbol texts" check box must be activated in the labeling parameters.

Set bridges

When setting bridge symbols, it was necessary to click twice in the drawing area to complete the function.


Update of the preview in the Texts dialog

The preview in the Texts dialog has been updated from Text Control 13 to Text Control 29. Also fixed a bug that caused style sheets to get a black background.

Variable names are visible when printing

In the Text Editor, the variable names are now visible when printing.

CRM Mailing

Personal settings in EFB editor

For single mailing, the sender is now loaded from the mailing configuration in the EFB editor. Also the main group, group and subject are now taken from the mailing configuration for single sending as well as for multiple sending. For direct mailing, the personal e-mail address of the current user is now preset. The main group, group and the subject are stored user-related and with it the preassignment takes place then with the next time.

Focus in the dialog for variable properties

The focus when opening the Properties dialog is now in the Contents field.

Save as template

In the EFB editor it is now possible to save texts as templates via the menu Template > Save as.

7.2.56 07/13/2022


Including/excluding document types to the table of contents

Including/excluding document tpyes to the table of contents in the print/PDF export dialog could take a long time if all or some branches were expanded.

CRM filter

Result set of filters in multiple shipping was too large

When executing address filters for multiple mailings, too many communications were emitted. This caused too many recipients to be sent when the "Send multiple times to one address" option was enabled in the mailing configuration. This error has now been fixed.

7.2.55 07/06/2022


Articles and Symbols dialog with fragment search

The dialogs Articles and Symbols of the function "Set symbol over catalog tree" now use the fragment search. This means that only articles or symbols are listed that contain all individual search words. So far only articles or symbols were listed which contain the search text completely (with blanks).

CAD Schaltplan-Assistent

Adjustment of the order of documents

By activating the "Consider selection at navigator/content directory/output" checkbox in the Treesoft CAD options dialog under "Options > Circuit diagram > Evaluation > Select drawing files", the order as well as the status (activated or deactivated) in the avigator/content directory/output is taken into account. Unlisted documents are always sorted after the listed documents. Deactivated entries do not get a page number and are not listed in the table of contents.


When using the new frame drawings, the evaluation of schematics always reported (error level 3) that the placeholders «Inhalt 1» and «Inhalt 2» could not be found in the drawing frame.

CAD Gebäudetechnik-Assistent

Background drawing layers are preserved

If, after executing a command such as "Chain Dimensioning" or "Single Dimensioning" (Ground Plan > Dimensioning > Apply…), the query as to whether the operation is OK is answered in the negative, the background drawing layers are retained.

Label frame

The function now takes into account floor plans with both old and new drawing frames without having to make any changes to the configuration files.

CRM Mailing

Saving drafts with attachments

When saving drafts with attachments, it could happen under certain circumstances that attachments were not fully cached. This error has now been fixed.

Converting old text templates

When converting old text templates, the software could hang. This should be fixed now and the user will get a message in that case that the variables should be checked.

7.2.54 06/15/2022


Selection of the pages to be output during print/PDF export

After activating or deactivating a page to be output via the preview of the print/PDF export dialog, the activated or deactivated page remains visible.

Highlighting in the Navigator

Highlighting of the active document now takes place not only for the document and the page, but also for the document type.

Autoscrolling in the Navigator

The so-called autoscrolling (ensuring the visibility of an entry when navigating using arrow keys) now works again in the Navigator.

Automatic wire numbering

When activating the "Set wire symbols automatically" function and then updating the opened drawing, the symbols for vertically running wires were saved on the active layer.

CRM Mailing

Global recipients in multiple mailing

When sending emails to global email address via multiple sending, among other things the variable for letter salutation was not filled, this has been fixed.

ERP documents

Filling own position and own department in preliminary and final texts

The variables Own-Position and Own-Department were not filled in preliminary and closing texts until now, this has been fixed.

7.2.53 06/01/2022

CRM Mailing

Icon for sent emails with single and multiple sending

When sending emails using the single and multiple sending, no icons were set, this has now been fixed.

Resetting the subject when deactivating the = button

When deactivating the = button in the EFB editor, the previous subject is now displayed again.

7.2.52 05/30/2022


When creating the table of contents, the page numbers were stored on layer 255.

7.2.51 05/25/2022


When creating the table of contents, the page numbers were stored on incorrect levels in the documents with cabinet views. Furthermore, the visible layers of the active document are now correctly restored after generating the table of contents.

In addition, the cabinet views are now continuously labeled with sheet numbers and the sheet count.

7.2.50 05/24/2022


Preview of area function

The preview of the area function in the document has been removed due to the irritating display after selecting the "Copy" function. The preview is still available in the area function dialog.

Labeling in the circuit diagram wizard

With the "Connection symbol texts" option, the connection symbol texts of contacts and terminals were incorrectly labeled. The connection symbol texts of all other symbols were not taken into account. Now the option "Label contacts" will again label the connection symbol texts of contacts, the option "Label terminals" will label the connection symbol texts of terminals and the option "Connection symbol texts" will label the connection symbol texts of the symbols which belong neither to contacts nor to terminals.

New document in the circuit diagram wizard

When creating a new drawing, the comment was not saved.

Set raster graphic individually

A program crash could occur when calling the function.

CRM Mailing

Error during validation of e-mail recipient addresses

When adding and removing a recipient in cc or bcc in the email editor, the empty field was incorrectly reported as an error and prevented the email from being sent. This error is fixed, the fields cc and bcc may now be empty. Only the To field must have at least one recipient entered.

Wrong icon when printing letter and fax

When creating history entries when printing letter and fax via the EFB editor, the icon for drafts was set incorrectly, this has been fixed.

Flickering when changing the subject in the EFB Editor

When changing the subject in the EFB editor while preview mode is active, the text no longer flickers.

History entry in email viewer too small

The history entry window in the email viewer was displayed much too small, this has been fixed.

7.2.49 05/17/2022

General optimizations and stability improvements.

7.2.48 05/12/2022

General optimizations and stability improvements.

7.2.47 05/11/2022


Default copy settings

For area copies as well as for layer copies (from write-protected documents), a default (global) copy setting can now be saved. New projects or projects in which no adjustments have been made to the copy settings so far will use the default settings.

7.2.46 05/10/2022


Window switcher

The window switcher ([Ctrl]+[Tab]) now also has a two-column view. The [Right] and [Left] keys can be used to switch between the modes.

Set symbol over catalog tree

The child window changes the screen automatically again when the main CAD window is dragged over it.

Copying symbols

When directly copying a symbol using the key combination [Ctrl]+[C] (no area function) or the context menu command "Copy", the item designations were copied even if the "Take Over" setting was not activated in the copy settings.

Profile renamed

The profile "Production" has been renamed to "Internal".

Standard profiles

In the print/PDF export dialog, the active profile can now be saved not only to the project, but also as the default profile (global). New projects or projects in which no adjustments have been made to the profile so far will use the default profile. Furthermore, the different profiles and the factory settings can be loaded via the dropdown button.

CRM Adressverwaltung

Positioning the address list

The address list is now positioned correctly again when the context menu command "Reposition address list" is used

Treesoft Office


The entries (history, schedules, tasks) are again listed in the window list ([Ctrl]+[Shift]+[L]).

Positioning of windows and dialogs

It could happen under certain circumstances that dialogs were opened outside the visible area of the screen, this should not happen anymore.

7.2.45 05/04/2022

General optimizations and stability improvements.

7.2.44 05/03/2022

General optimizations and stability improvements.

7.2.43 04/29/2022

Text editor

Translation of the status bar

The status bar is now also translated into German.

7.2.42 04/20/2022


Automatic wire numbering

The automatic setting of the wire symbols works again.

100% CPU usage for macro functions.

The most commonly used area and other macro functions (such as copy, move, etc) no longer take up 100% of a CPU core.

CRM Mailing

Multiple mailing

The speed of multiple mailing has been optimized.



The user list is dockable to the top and bottom now.

Text editor

Variables for dunning

All variables for dunning are now filled, if possible.

7.2.41 03/31/2022


Objects are not displayed

For example, if a symbol is caught, the affected symbol and its placeholder are switched to invisible. Due to an error, it could happen that even completely uninvolved texts and connection points were no longer displayed.

CRM Mailing

Multiple mailing

Multiple mailing has been revised and bugs have been fixed.

Treesoft Office

Window switcher

The window switcher from Treesoft CAD (callable with [CTRL]+[TAB]) is now also usable in Treesoft Office.

7.2.40 03/23/2022


Zoom factor and crashes

The zoom factor in the TEFB editor is now saved and restored, and several possible crash causes when opening or closing the TEFB editor have been corrected.

CRM Mailing

Delete content of variables

When deleting the content of variables, they were automatically filled with the original value, this no longer happens.

Treesoft Office

Login dialog corrected

In the login dialog of Treesoft Office the correct sign of the last login is filled in again.


Reference point of symbols

The reference point of symbols saved to the clipboard by area copies now matches the defined reference point if the area function is canceled using [ESC] before the copy is placed.

Configuration of the labels to be copied revised

The distinction between cables and wires now works correctly. Cables are no longer labeled with symbolic item designations if the "Cable designations" setting is set to "Generate symbolic item designations".

Configuration of the labels to be copied revised

The generation of symbolic item designations for aborting points has been removed.

Configuration of the labels to be copied revised

The factory settings for generating symbolic item designations for PLC addresses were not correct, so symbolic item designations were generated although the corresponding setting is not available in the settings dialog.

Configuration of the labels to be copied revised

The settings are now also applied to simple object copies and to area copies using [Ctrl]+[C].

Area copies from MDI document

The setting "Generate symbolic item designations" is now also applied to area copies from an MDI document.

Article number during symbol creation

When creating a symbol, the article number is no longer saved.

Range copies in clipboard

The area copies in the "Clipboard" library are no longer cleaned up as during symbol creation.

Area copy to other layer

If the active layer was changed when the area copy was placed, the "Generate symbolic item designations" setting was no longer applied correctly.


Delete E-Mail notifications

When deleting multiple email notifications, a "Please wait…" dialog now appears so that these notifications are actually removed, instead of displaying them again if the deletion process is still in progress.

7.2.39 03/18/2022


Saving and restoring splitter position

The position of the splitter in the protocols, events, to-dos, email inbox and email outbox is now saved and restored.

Minimum column size adjusted

The columns in many lists and tables can now be reduced to the size of the icons. In addition, texts in the columns that are too long are abbreviated using "…".

Spell checker in the old text control

The spell checker in the old text control is now working again.

CRM Mailing

Automatic line break after the variable KontaktAnredeAkkusativ for personal addresses

For the variable ContactAddressAccusative, a following space is automatically replaced by a carriage return if it is a personal address.

Icon choosing twice

The selection list for an icon was displayed twice with an ALT + left click.

E-Mail sorting was not correctl in Notifier

New emails are now displayed at the top of the Notifier by default.

Setting to icons of history entries in draft

The icon setting was not saved sometimes.

Personal settings: Default template for e-mails and fax

The default template in the Options dialog under the Personal Settings branch was not taken into account when selecting a template for an e-mail or fax.


Userlist do not shorten texts

In the user list texts were not abbreviated with "…". This works now.

7.2.38 03/16/2022


Configuration of the labels to be copied revised.

The handling of the "Generate symbolic item designations" checkboxes has been adapted to the behavior of similar constellations and the generation of symbolic item designations for terminal designations has been removed.

CRM Mailing

Duplicate tasks when sending in single mailing

When sending emails in single mailing, too many tasks were created, this no longer happens.

Filling of variables for personal addresses

For personal addresses the variables AddressName1, AddressName2, AddressName3 are no longer filled, the variables ContactName, ContactTitle are filled.

Page margins when printing in E-Mail Viewer

The correct page margins for sent e-mails are now used when printing, for received e-mails default values are used here.

7.2.37 03/14/2022


Paste from clipboard

By means of the key combination [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[V] it can be selected in which format the content of the clipboard is to be inserted into the document. Here the umlauts as well as other Unicode characters were lost. The problem has been fixed with one exception: pasting HTML with images is possible only with the [Ctrl]+[V] key combination.

CRM Mailing

Filling of contact variables

The variables ContactName, ContactTitle and ContactDepartment are now no longer filled for person addresses in the new EFB editor.

7.2.36 03/11/2022


Configuration of the labels to be copied revised

Edited the default settings and fixed an error where not all settings were applied.

Standard output adapted for PDF export and printing.

The "Production" and "Customer" profiles no longer output labeling plans by default.

7.2.35 03/10/2022


Configuration of the labels to be copied revised

The "Connection designations" setting has been renamed to "Contact numbers".

7.2.34 03/09/2022


Automatically reload active document

If the active document is changed, for example, by the processing or the table of contents generation, the active document is automatically reloaded.

Configuration of the labels to be copied revised

Symbolic BMKs were used where there should be none. In addition, these were also used in other functions besides "Copy".

New context menu commands for read-only documents

The "Reload" and "Reload All" commands have been added to the context menu of the tabs of read-only documents.

7.2.33 03/04/2022


Profiles adapted

The "PDF export" and "Print" profiles have been renamed to "Customer" and "Production". Both profiles are now available in PDF export as well as in print. Changes to the profiles are only saved when the "Save" button is pressed in the Print and PDF Export dialog.

PDF export or print without output

If the frame of a document does not contain a unique frame symbol, the document will not be output during PDF export or printing. Unique frame symbols must contain the sheet number and another placeholder like content1&2 or the page number.

Configuration of the labels to be copied

In the area functions and for layer copies, a new dialog is now available instead of a simple selection of the treatment of BMKs. In this dialog it is possible to specify very precisely which labels are to be copied and which are not, and whether symbolic BMKs are to be generated.

Treesoft Office

Changes to the Global Shortcuts:

All Global Shortcuts work again in all program parts of Treesoft Office and Treesoft CAD. [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[C] now opens Treesoft CAD, before this shortcut opened the Treesoft Office calendar. [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[S] now opens the Treesoft Office calendar (Scheduler).

Changes 'Contact person' to 'Contact':

All texts of window titles, menus etc. with the content 'Contact person' in Treesoft Office have been renamed to 'Contact'. In the EBF editor, the variables 'Contact-' have been renamed to 'Contact-'. The old variables are still evaluated, but can no longer be set. The missing menu item 'CAD' has been added to the EBF Editor window menu. In the address window the menu 'Contact person' was renamed to 'Contact'. The shortcut changed from [ALT]+[P] to [ALT]+[K]. For the menu item 'Communication the shortcut was changed from [ALT]+[K] to [ALT]+[O].

7.2.32 02/24/2022

General optimizations and stability improvements.

7.2.31 02/18/2022

General optimizations and stability improvements.

7.2.30 02/16/2022

General optimizations and stability improvements.

7.2.29 02/10/2022

General optimizations and stability improvements.

7.2.28 02/07/2022


Consideration of symbolic BMKs

Symbolic BMKs are excluded when determining the next free number for all types of equipment labels.

Structure of labeling lists

The labeling lists were not initialized correctly for newly created documents and when changing the active project, so that it was necessary to build the labeling lists several times.

Adjustments for High-DPI environments

The queries when deleting or converting areas now looks reasonable on HighDPI monitors.


Alphabetical sorting of paragraph and character style sheets

In the style sheet docking window, the paragraph style sheets are now displayed first in alphabetical order, and then the character style sheets are displayed in alphabetical order. The style sheets in the toolbar list box are also listed in the same order, here an icon for paragraph style sheets and an icon for character style sheets have also been added.

Sending e-mails possible again

Sending e-mails on newly installed systems is possible again.

Treesoft Office

Window list corrected

All Office and the Cad main windows are displayed again in the Treesoft Office and Treesoft Cad window menus and in the window list.

7.2.27 02/04/2022

General optimizations and stability improvements.

7.2.26 02/04/2022

General optimizations and stability improvements.

7.2.25 01/27/2022


Saving and loading dialog positions

The "Open Document" dialog of the MDI now saves its size as well as the position of the splitters.

Look & Feel

The size of the navigation buttons in the PDF Export/Print dialog and in the "Open Document" dialog have been adjusted.

Undo/Redo of range copies

Undo/redo of range copies of the MDI is now performed at the correct level.

Highlighting of the current document

After opening the "Open - Navigator" dialog, the active document is highlighted correctly.

Area copies at the crosshairs

Area copies of the MDI are now positioned directly at the crosshairs.

Hidden dialogs

Fixed modality issues with range function and foreign language translation dialogs.

Faster search in project list

In the dialog "Activate project" and "Open document" the search field is preselected after opening.

Function now also available in read-only documents

The "Set symbol over catalog tree" function can now also be started in read-only documents by pressing the [F2] key. In this case, the focus is set to the main window and the tab is set to the main document.

Scrolling while a function is running

Scrolling while an area copy of the MDI is attached to the crosshairs is now possible.

Improvements to the catalog tree

In Building Services, when setting a symbol using the Name and Graphics dialog, matching articles are displayed in the Article dialog outside the free graphic. It is no longer possible to set symbols in Building Services outside the free graphic. A click on the large symbol preview as well as the new context menu item "Find article with this symbol" in the name and graphics dialog also starts the search. The Find label in the Article dialog has been converted to a button, so that it is now possible to switch between user-defined search and automatic search when setting symbols. The dialog text when setting symbols in the building technology outside the free graphic has been adapted.

Automatic adjustment of partial representation

If the BMK is changed on a complete representation, the BMKs on the partial representations are also changed. Previously, the options "Automatic BMKs" and "Always reassign BMKs" had to be activated.

The menu items "…via catalog tree…" and "…via library…" are displayed in this order in all wizard menus. The function for opening documents is now uniformly called "Open -Navigator" in all wizards and has the shortcut key "Ctrl+O". The shortcut keys for navigation (Up, Down, Left, Right, Page up, Page down) have been unified.

Translation added

In the "Window" menu, all the options are now translated.

CAD Building Services Wizard

Assembly grid

When starting the GT, the layer with the assembly grid is always displayed.


Variable categories

The variable categories for Communication Personal, Communication Department, Communication Global and Software Information are now available.

Variable display problem fixed

Under certain circumstances the first letter of the variable content was not displayed.

Treesoft Office

Display of table contents

Tables and trees now show a separator line between the column names and the first row.

7.2.24 01/21/2022

General optimizations and stability improvements.

7.2.23 01/19/2022


Tabs of the MDI

The MDI tabs are displayed again.

The navigator is now (de)activated when the status bar is (de)activated to prevent switching to other pages/documents during running functions.

Wrong wizard started

When opening a distribution plan using the navigator or project tree in Treesoft Office, the distribution plan wizard is no longer started, but the schematic wizard.

The menu command "Open" has been renamed to "Open - Navigator" in all wizards.

Change of active level via navigator

A schematic page can now be opened via the navigator if the active layer is the frame layer.

Change of active layer via status bar

Changing the active layer using the "Layers" function in the status bar now also works if the document contains no or only one layer.

Edit text

After canceling the "Text" function, the text to be edited remains visible again.

Autoconnect lines in area function

When changing the active layer during a running area function, the autoconnect lines are automatically regenerated.

New keyboard shortcut for Measure

The "Measure" function can now be started in all wizards using [CTRL]+[M].

Single line in range function

The range function now also displays single horizontal/vertical lines.

Convert text

The "Convert Text" function works as expected again.

Project parameters in read-only documents

Read-only documents now get the project parameters from the correct project.

Optimization of the generation of (symbolic) BMKs

When copying BMKs using the Copy area function/level and using the "(Symbolic) BMKs generate with attachment and location" mode, the "-" indicator is automatically written in front if the BMK to be copied does not start with it.

Dialog positions optimized

Some query/information/warning dialogs should now open centered to the main window or main document and no longer on the monitor where the mouse is. Not all dialogs have been changed yet.

Name for scaling adjusted

The options for scaling in the print or PDF export dialog have been adjusted.

Catalog tree saves/loads expanded branches

Function "Set symbol over catalog tree": The catalog tree now remembers the state (expanded/collapsed) of the tree structure as well as the last selected branch per catalog.

New function in the catalog tree

In the catalog tree, the "Find" label has been changed to a button. With this you can switch between the last used branch of your own catalog and the last used foreign catalog.

CAD Gebäudetechnik-Assistent

Display placeholder

The "Show placeholder" button is no longer automatically reset in Building Services after being pressed. In addition, changes are now visible again immediately.

Assembly grid

The "Assembly grid" level in the Building services wizard is now displayed correctly again.

CAD Schaltschrank-Assistent

New dialog for creating documents

The "File > New…" menu command in the Control Cabinet Wizard now displays the "New Document" dialog, as do all other wizards.

CAD Fremdsprachenübersetzung

Optimization of the dialogs

The "Languages" and "Character sets" dialogs in the "Dictionary" dialog are built up faster again.

CAD Konverter

Problems with multiple export configurations

When converting DWG/DXF drawings using the bidirectional module, all documents in the project are now taken into account. This should prevent problems when updating or reverting floor plans later when using multiple export configurations over multiple floor plan files.

Treesoft Office

Behavior in High-DPI environments

The Treesoft Office application now automatically scales in HighDPI environments. For this it is necessary to undo any compatibility settings made in Windows on the "TreesoftOffice.exe". Starting Treesoft CAD directly (not via TSO) is no longer necessary to benefit from the higher resolution in Treesoft CAD.

7.2.22 01/12/2022


Toolbar improved

The toolbar no longer disappears when changing functions or wizards. Instead, the buttons are removed and new ones are added. This avoids the constant resizing of the drawing area and dock windows.

Automatic wizard switching

When opening documents from the Navigator (File > Open - Navigator), the wizard is automatically switched (if necessary).

In all wizards, the Navigator is now opened via "File > Open".

New dialog for creating documents

In the schematic and building services wizards, a new dialog for creating documents is now displayed when the "File > New" button is pressed. The switch cabinet wizard is still to follow (this has no dialog so far).

Handling of BMKs

The BMK modes in the area function dialog of read-only documents has been renamed. The BMK mode can now also be set via the status bar of read-only documents for the Copy Layer function. This setting is saved independently of the BMK mode of the range function. The BMK mode can now also be set in the range function dialog in the main document for the "Copy" function.

Problems with table of contents generation

The recognition of the frame symbol has been improved so that the generated table of contents also contains the sheet number and not a terminal designation. The generation of the table of contents could be accelerated by about 50%.

Problems with Copy Layers

After executing or completing the Copy Layer function in read-only documents, the menu bar, toolbar and status bar buttons are activated correctly again.

Reference points in read-only documents

The "Reference points for ranges" setting is now also taken into account in the range function dialog of read-only documents. During the determination of the reference point in the range function "Move", the objects in the range can be approached again.

Labeling of rotated symbols

The labeling of rotated symbols in the Building Services Assistant is now possible without errors.


Docking/undocking without resizing

The notifier should now maintain the size when docking/undocking.

7.2.21 12/21/2021


Problems with menu bar

The menu bar should now be displayed correctly again.

Focus order in status bar

Changing the focus using [Tab] in the status bar is now done in the correct order again.


Variables in preview

In the e-mail inbox, e-mail in transit and e-mail outbox, the contents of the variables are displayed in the preview.

Variables in E-Mail Viewer

In the E-Mail Viewer the contents of the variables are displayed.

In the EFB Editor in preview mode, clicking on links causes them to be opened in the browser.

History entries for drafts

History entries for designs - linked addresses and projects are now saved and reloaded when using the design.

Converting variables

When converting old variables, If fields are inserted for blank lines at the beginning of paragraphs. When converting old variables, If fields are inserted for empty lines at the end of paragraphs. When converting old variables, If fields are inserted for default texts.

User-defined If fields

The user can insert If fields via context menu for empty lines at the beginning and end of paragraphs and for default texts (right click on variables).

E-Mail address selection

In the selection dialog for e-mail addresses, the spacing of the boxes in the combo box for communications is displayed correctly. Double click on e-mail addresses now inserts them at "To".

Fax address selection

In the fax number selection dialog, the spacing of the boxes in the combo box for communications is displayed correctly. Double-click on fax numbers now inserts them at "To".

7.2.20 12/05/2021

General optimizations and stability improvements.

7.2.19 12/03/2021

General optimizations and stability improvements.

7.2.18 12/02/2021

General optimizations and stability improvements.

7.2.17 11/30/2021

General optimizations and stability improvements.

7.2.16 11/23/2021


Start maximized

The program is opened maximized again after a fresh installation or resetting of the demo client.

Labeling of parts

When labeling parts, the texts no longer jump wildly across the screen.

Catalog tree adapted

The catalog tree is no longer closed automatically.

Saving the active document

The "Generate Table of Contents" and "Refresh" buttons in the Navigator now ask whether the active document should be saved.

Crashes in the Navigator

Fixed random crashes of the software when searching in the Navigator. Also, occasional hangs of the software after generating the table of contents have been fixed by optimizations.

Look & Feel

The layer/page list and background drawing layers now have black text in the title. The icons of the status bar have been aligned with those of the toolbar. The active page is now also highlighted when scrolling over the status bar and toolbar in the Navigator.

Save and restore read-only document date

Read-only documents are saved when exiting or switching from the Control Engineering Wizard and restored when starting or switching to the Control Engineering Wizard.

International keyboard layouts

Support for international keyboard layouts has been added again.

Treesoft Office

Adjustment to the demo version dialog

In the "Demoversions-Dialog" the context menu as well as the help button "?" was deactivated.

Stability improved

Fixed problems with embedded dialogs in Delphi.


User lists revised

Most of ME's comments about user lists have been edited.


The "Notifications" button is now always displayed.

7.2.15 11/21/2021

General optimizations and stability improvements.

7.2.14 11/19/2021

General optimizations and stability improvements.

7.2.13 11/18/2021

General optimizations and stability improvements.

7.2.12 11/17/2021

General optimizations and stability improvements.

7.2.11 11/16/2021

General optimizations and stability improvements.

7.2.10 11/15/2021


Filter in layer list

The layer list filter in the status bar works again.

CAD Konverter

Handling of layers when importing for ST

When importing for the ST, layers are now applied correctly again.

Automatic update of working directory after import

After an import without bidirectional module, the working directory is updated so that subsequent imports take into account the previously imported drawings.

Not all commands available

After switching from the Import to ST Wizard to the Import to GT Wizard, the command for defining import areas is available again.


Variables in drafts

Variables are saved / loaded.

Taking user data in drafts.

If no sender is selected, the data of the current user will be taken.


Demo.tol updated

Demo.tol now contains the correct number of test days.

Missing updatescript

The missing update script for 7.1.53 has been added.

Name of the ISO

The name of the ISO is now "Treesoft Office 7.2".

7.2.9 11/10/2021

General optimizations and stability improvements.

7.2.8 11/05/2021

General optimizations and stability improvements.

7.2.7 10/28/2021

General optimizations and stability improvements.

7.2.6 10/21/2021

General optimizations and stability improvements.

7.2.5 10/20/2021

General optimizations and stability improvements.

7.2.4 10/15/2021

General optimizations and stability improvements.

7.2.3 10/11/2021

General optimizations and stability improvements.

7.2.2 10/11/2021

General optimizations and stability improvements.

7.2.1 07/27/2021

General optimizations and stability improvements.

7.2.0 07/01/2021

General optimizations and stability improvements.

7.1.53 10/26/2021


Define circuits

In the circuit diagram wizard there is a possibility to define circuits that can be used as components when creating circuit diagrams. Due to an error during the analysis of a circuit no articles could be assigned to the symbols of the circuit.

7.1.52 07/01/2021

Mobile Anbindung

Treesoft Office Mobile

The app Treesoft Office Mobile now supports write access. Tasks, events and history entries can be created, edited and deleted.

7.1.51 05/21/2021


Updated plug-ins available

An update is available for the plug-ins "BuR Automation" and "Loxone". More information can be found in the manual "Installation-Update.pdf".

CRM Adressverwaltung

Optimizations of the loading process of the address window

The loading process of the address window has been accelerated.

7.1.50 04/20/2021

CAD Konverter

Conversion in set output language

The change of the output language and alternative output language in Treesoft CAD using the "Text" and "Translate" functions are now also taken into account.

CRM Adressverwaltung

Search history for original e-mail subject

When searching for history entries, the original e-mail subject is now also taken into account.

Create new entry

When creating an entry for a phone call, the contact person selection dialog is opened when clicking on the contact person, if an address was previously assigned in the notifier.

Sorting when opening the address window

When opening the address window, addresses in the Found Addresses dialog are now sorted by number. In addition, history entries are sorted by timestamp.

7.1.49 02/15/2021

CRM Adressverwaltung

Creating favorite addresses

When creating favorite addresses, the contact person selected in the address window is now taken into account. In addition, the drop-down menu for favorites now displays the respective favorites according to the scheme "Address name - Contact person - Comment".

Selection of main and secondary addresses

In the Found Addresses dialog, in the Main and Secondary Addresses view, the user can select addresses. The selected main or secondary address is then displayed in the address window.

Updating the address groups in the Found Addresses dialog.

In the Found Addresses dialog, the address groups are now updated as soon as the user creates or edits additional address groups in the address window via Main Menu > Address > Add to Address Group.

7.1.48 02/05/2021


Set symbol over catalog tree

The window menus in the title bars of dockable windows have been removed for the time being. To open closed windows, a menu item "Window" has been integrated into the context menu of the catalog branch selection of the catalog tree.

The function can also be closed again via the F2 key.

Item desigantion frame

If two item desigantion frames were created at the same position, a program crash occurred.

CAD Konverter

Conversion in set output language

The output language and alternative output language set in Treesoft CAD are now used when converting to DWG/DXF format. In order to display the texts of the converted drawings in AutoCAD with the correct font, it is necessary to install the appropriate font on the AutoCAD system.


Editing functions of the selection dialog for texts, mailings and filters

In the selection dialogs for texts, mailings and filters, the respective entries can now be edited, this was not possible before.

Editing dialogs of the selection dialog for texts, mailings and filters

The width of the editing dialogs in the selection dialog for texts, mailings and filters can now be changed.

CRM Adressverwaltung

Crash when creating addresses with specific postal codes.

Treesoft Office crashed when trying to create an address with certain postal codes. This problem occurred due to certain characters in the city name. The corresponding names have been adjusted.

CRM Dublettenbereinigung

Remarks of communications not taken into account

Remarks of communications were not taken into account during doublet resolution. This error has been fixed now.

7.1.47 12/17/2020

ERP Dokumente

Document opened with wrong project

Under rare circumstances, it could happen that a document was opened with the wrong project number. Under certain circumstances, this could lead to incorrect entries in the outgoing invoice ledger. This error has now been corrected.

CRM Adressverwaltung

Problems with the selection of the postcode and city in the doublet resolution

If addresses with the same postcode but different locations were merged, the location could not be selected correctly during doublet resolution. This problem has now been corrected.

Assign contact persons in the dialog "Telefonanruf tätigen zur Adresse"

In the dialog "Telefonanruf tätigen zur Adresse" the user could select an address or a contact person after the first selection, but could not change it afterwards. The user can now change his previous selection.

Open main and secondary addresses while the Wivo is displayed

Previously, the user could only view the main and secondary addresses for an address when the Wivo was closed. Now a new address window opens when the Wivo is active and the user clicks on the icon for main and secondary addresses. If the Wivo is not open and the user clicks on the main and secondary address icon, the main and secondary address view is shown in the address list.

Treesoft Help Browser

The "Online" button has been removed from the Treesoft Help Browser.

7.1.46 11/04/2020


Renaming "Search in catalog branch only" in the "Set symbol by catalog tree" function

Within the "Set symbol by catalog tree" function, the "Search in catalog branch only" buttons have been renamed to "Include sub-branches". The functionality of the buttons has been reversed. The tooltips have been adapted accordingly.

CRM Adressverwaltung

Refresh the address window

When refreshing the address window using the button in the lower right corner, the address list was brought to the foreground until now. This disturbed the workflow, so that the address list is no longer displayed when refreshing.

Ctrl + F with active Wivo Filter

When pressing the short key Ctrl + F while the Wivo is active, both the new Wivo and the address list were displayed. Now the list corresponding to the selected filter is displayed.

Commands in the ">>" drop-down menu for views

The toolbar buttons from the address list are displayed in the ">>" drop-down menu when the dialog becomes too narrow. However, here the commands for hiding and showing the views for address groups, main and subgroups and contact persons were not displayed. This has now been fixed.

Selection of the search string during the search

The search string was marked as soon as a new address was loaded. This could cause the user to overwrite the search string. Now the search string is no longer marked as soon as an address is loaded.

7.1.45 10/26/2020


Change of the save routine

To avoid possible false alarms (false positives) by virus scanners, the save routine of drawing files was changed.

CAD Gebäudetechnik-Assistent

Edit free graphics

After exiting the function, the program switches back to the last active layer.

CRM Adressverwaltung

Select standard template for doublet resolution

If none of the resolved doublets has address information, the default template set in the options dialogue is selected in the destination address.

New development of the Wivo

The old reminders list was replaced by a newly developed reminders list.

Message when creating new addresses

When creating new addresses, a message was displayed if no default template and format template was selected in the options dialog, Basics, Default template This message is no longer displayed when creating new addresses.

Treesoft Office

Filter in the workstation management

In the options dialog of the workstation management a filter is set by default, which does not show clients who have not logged in for more than one year. However, clients that have not yet logged in were also hidden here; these are now no longer hidden.


Linking addresses when creating history entries

In the Notifier it was previously possible to assign addresses without a contact. This led to the error that when creating history entries only the phone number is displayed instead of the contact.

7.1.44 09/10/2020

CRM Adressverwaltung

Search for short name

When searching for short names in the address list, the beginning of the string is now searched for.

The drop-down list field for columns in the address list used to contain a lot of entries to search for addresses, this selection has now been reduced. The following entries have been removed: Contact person, Name, Street, City, State, Country, Created by, Modified by.

Short key in address window

Previously, the address list did not always switch to the short description when searching, when pressing the short key Ctrl + F. This has now been fixed.

Starting a doublet search

When starting a doublet search, there are several options for which addresses to search. Among other things, you can search for the addresses delivered by the currently executed address filter. A more transparent descriptive text was selected for this option.

Merging of editors during a doublet resolution

With doublet resolutions, the editors of the merged addresses were not transferred to the destination address. This error has now been corrected.

Displaying the destination address after a performed doublet resolution

After a doublet resolution has been performed, the destination address is then displayed in the address window.

Missing settings for doublet resolution

If necessary settings are missing when starting doublet resolution, the user is notified of this. These settings must be made before doublet resolution can be performed. The user is now also told where to find these settings in the options dialog.

Entries in the salesman history for a doublet resolution

If a doublet resolution is carried out, it may happen that salesmen are entered or removed. These changes can be viewed in the salesmen history. The entries in the salesmen history which are created by a doublet resolution are now shown as such.

Salesmen were not deleted by a doublet resolution

In the case of a doublet resolution, it could happen that a salesman incorrectly remained at the destination address. This error has now been corrected.

Improving the consolidation of contact persons

The doublet resolution now takes even more information into account when merging contact persons.


Display of linked projects, if a special project was searched for before

Entries can be assigned to any number of projects. In the list of entries (e.g. tasks) it is possible to display all linked projects in the project list by pressing [ALT] + left click on the projects column. However, if you searched for a term using the input field in the top left-hand corner, the linked projects were briefly visible, but were then overwritten by the search.

Program crashes when opening the project settings

If the tax rates were not fully configured in the options dialog, the program crashed when opening the project settings. This error has now been fixed. The user is notified that the corresponding settings must be completed before the project settings can be opened.

ERP Offene Posten Verwaltung

Rounding errors in printing the outgoing invoice book

Rounding errors could occur in the printout of the outgoing invoice book. This error has now been corrected.

7.1.43 09/04/2020

General optimizations and stability improvements.

7.1.42 09/02/2020

ERP Offene Posten Verwaltung

Incorrect taxes in the printout of the outgoing invoice book

In the case of a temporary change in value added taxes, invoices in the outgoing invoice book were printed with the wrong tax rates. This error has now been corrected.


Set symbol over catalog tree (F2-function) shows the catalog root again

If articles or symbols are assigned to a catalog without being assigned to a branch of the catalog, the catalog root is displayed with a warning triangle. Otherwise the catalog root is hidden. Please refer to the help of the catalog tree for a more detailed explanation.

Error message after changing the active project/drawing

After changing the active project or drawing from Treesoft Office, it could happen that the error message "TreesoftCAD.exe does not work anymore" was displayed. By optimizing the de-/ initialization routines of Treesoft CAD the cause could be eliminated and the project/drawing change from Treesoft Office is now faster.

Conversion of projects and drawings from Treesoft CAD Version 4.0

Older projects and drawings from Treesoft CAD Version 4.0 can now be converted again.

Name and translation of drawing types redefined

Over the years of development new terms have been found, especially for the English translations of drawing types (e.g. Inhaltsverzeichnis = Index = Table of contents = Contents). We have now redefined these and will gradually integrate the new names and translations into Treesoft Office.

Automatic conversion to variable text

After selecting a text format or a variable in the "Text" dialog, the type of text is now set to variable text and the dialog for determining the variable type is opened.

CAD Fremdsprachenübersetzung

Bookmarks in exported PDFs (Part 1)

The bookmarks in exported PDFs are formed from the page number, the sheet number and the labels of Content1 and Content2. From now on, the translations, corresponding to the set language or alternative language, of the labels of Content1 and Content2 will be used.

Bookmarks in exported PDFs (Part 2)

The bookmarks for individual drawings in exported PDFs were created from the comments that can be stored for each drawing. It is not possible to store several comments in different languages, so from now on the bookmarks are determined by the drawing type. If the language is set to German, the drawing type is output in German. If the language is neither German nor English, but the alternative language is German, the drawing types are also output in German. In all other cases, the output will be in English.

CSV export in the "Translate" dialog

The CSV export via the context menu in the "Translate" dialog now only exports the selected translations.

Formatting of cells for Excel export

Cells which contain texts beginning with the formula sign "=" are no longer formatted as formulas but as texts.

CAD Konverter

Adjusting the scaling of exported ground plans

To prevent operating errors, it is now no longer possible to adjust the scaling (units per meter) of already exported ground plans.

CRM Adressverwaltung

Search is no longer cleared when resetting the filters

When resetting the address filters, the search is no longer cleared.

Address groups are resetted when resetting the filters

The selected address group is now also resetted when resetting the filters.

Icon for address groups in the address list

The icon for address groups has been replaced in the address list.

Show customers in the address list

The button "Show only customers" has been changed to show only addresses that have a main module in the software administration.

Double-click in dialog Select contact person

Contact persons and addresses can now be selected and confirmed by double-clicking in the dialog Select contact person.

Closing the address list with Escape

The address list in the address window can now be closed with the ESC key, just like the old address list before.

Stack was renamed to Favorites and moved to the address list

The addresses previously marked as "Stack" in the address window were renamed to "Favorites" and moved to the address list. The telephone numbers were removed from the Favourites and contact persons were added in return.

Crash when copying contact persons

When copying contact persons and then pasting them into another address, the software crashed. This meant that no global telephone numbers could be created afterwards. This error has now been fixed so that the software no longer crashes and global phone numbers can be created again for the affected addresses.

Hyperlink for street and postcode/city

When changing addresses, the hyperlinks for street and postcode/city in the address window may no longer work. This has now been fixed.

Text template for address information

Previously, no text template was set in the info field for new addresses. This was changed so that the standard text defined in the options dialog is applied to new addresses.

Merge persons and institutions Buttons in the address list

The buttons for filtering persons and institutions have been combined. Now you can use the "Type" button to filter by address types.

Tasks and appointments after address merging

After an address merge, it happened that tasks and appointments from shared calendars were incorrectly assigned to another shared calendar. This issue has now been fixed.

Setting the text template when resolving duplicates

If the destination address has an empty info field after a duplicate resolution, the default text template defined in the options dialog is automatically applied to the info field.

7.1.41 07/22/2020

CAD Gebäudetechnik-Assistent

Circuit list/connection list

Umlauts and special characters were displayed incorrectly in the circuit and connection list.

Treesoft Office

Serial number in service menu

The serial number is displayed in the service menu.

CRM Adressverwaltung

Error message in the address dialog after a duplicate resolution

After a duplicate resolution, it could happen that an error message with the content "Unknown format" was displayed when opening the merged address in the address dialog. This error has now been fixed.

7.1.40 06/26/2020


Changes to the use of the new VAT Rates from 01.07.2020

Due to the current crisis, the German government has decided to reduce the value added tax from 19% to 16% and from 7% to 5% for the period from 01.07.2020 to 31.12.2020 inclusive. This update includes all changes so that you can invoice with these changed rates from July onwards.

After you have installed the update, you should configure the new tax codes in the options dialog under Basis > Tax Rates as follows

| SC | Designation   | Set | Valid from | Old SC |
| -- | --------------| --- | ---------- | ------ |
|  4 | Full tax rate | 16% | 01.07.2020 |      1 |
|  5 | Half tax rate |  5% | 01.07.2020 |      2 |
|  6 | Full tax rate | 19% | 01.01.2021 |      4 |
|  7 | Half tax rate |  7% | 01.01.2021 |      5 |

You can then select control codes 6 and 7 accordingly in the assignment matrix. The correct tax rates are then used to calculate the VAT, depending on the document date.

Technical Details:

Previously, the VAT rate was saved directly in each item for a document. Due to the structure of the ERP, each item basically exists only once. It does not matter whether the item is transferred from a quotation to an order confirmation and then to an invoice, for example. Thus it would not have been possible to create a partial invoice before the increase with 19% and after the increase with 16%. Due to the change made now, an item now only contains the tax class (full tax rate, half tax rate, …). Based on this tax class in combination with the tax code of the document (taxable, tax-exempt, …) and the document date, the correct value added tax is now determined dynamically via the allocation matrix.

To make this change possible, the item data must be partially converted. In most cases, this conversion is done automatically and no user intervention is required. Should we still find a tax code within an item that we cannot automatically convert to a tax class, the user must make this assignment manually when opening any document for the first time.


Alternative font for printing and PDF export

For printing and PDF export, the set font for the set language or alternative language is always used. For Treesoft's own fonts "zeichen.set", "kursiv.set" and "dreid.set" an alternative font can now be specified for printing and PDF export.

CAD Konverter

Camera movement possible in all functions

By pressing and holding the middle mouse button, the camera can now be moved in all functions, such as dimensioning.

Backup when updating a floor plan

When updating a floor plan, an automatic backup is no longer created.

Confirmation of a successful export

The confirmation if an export was successful is now also displayed for the control engineering when exporting.

Lizenz Assistent

Activating the demo installation

After a demo installation, it must first be activated on our server If no direct connection is possible, the proxy server entered in the windows control panel is used for this purpose. So it is now possible to test Treesoft Office also on systems without direct internet connection.


Proxy support for the "Treesoft News" tile

The content of the "Treesoft News" tiles is now loaded, if necessary, via the proxy server entered in the windows control panel.

7.1.38 05/19/2020


Catalog tree of F2 function did not show all catalogs

Under certain database configurations, it could happen that the contents of individual catalogs are stored within of the catalog tree were not displayed. The catalog tree has been adjusted accordingly, all catalogs are displayed in the catalog tree again.

CAD Konverter

Conversion of PDF files

The conversion of PDF files now takes place in the project directory again.

7.1.37 04/14/2020

CRM Adressverwaltung

Revision Dialogue selection contact person

The dialog Selection contact person has been revised. To select only addresses without contacts, the user can click on the checkbox next to the branch for the address. If an arrow is displayed in the box, only the address is selected. To select contacts with address, the user can select the checkboxes next to the contacts.


Make a phone call

An old address list was still used here, but this has now been replaced by the new one.

7.1.36 03/09/2020


Imported DWG/DXF drawing without text

Texts with a text height less than 1, were not displayed in Treesoft CAD after import.

Display error during printing

When kerning was disabled for a font, both character spacing and word spacing were ignored when printing.

Display error during PDF export

Text in rotated and stretched/compressed symbols were not displayed correctly.

Crash during PDF export

Symbols that are stretched by a factor of 10,000.00 or more on the X or Y axis caused the PDF export to crash.

CRM Adressverwaltung

Focus of the search

Under certain conditions, clicking the address window could cause the search to be unchecked when the address list was subsequently displayed. This has now been fixed.

Search is cleared when filtering for selected addresses

When the filter is activated for marked addresses, the search is now emptied, as this has led to confusion when filtering for terms.

Search in address list

When searching for addresses with the full text search, it could happen that too many addresses are displayed. This has now been fixed so that only addresses that match the search criteria are displayed.

Addresses in dialog Selection contacts

In the dialog Select contact person, addresses and the corresponding contact persons are displayed in a tree view. Addresses are now preselected when opening the dialog, so that the user only has to select the desired contact persons or can assign the selected addresses with Enter.

Multiple selection in the address list in the address window

If the multiple selection in the address list is active in the address window, as with modal address lists, the selected addresses are also noted here. In this way, the marking is no longer lost through searching and sorting.

Select search input when opening the address list

If a search was made for a term in the address list, this term is now automatically selected again when the list is opened again.

7.1.35 03/03/2020

CRM Adressverwaltung

Multimarking in dialog Selection contacts

Using the commands in the context menu of the dialog Select contacts caused a crash, this has been fixed.

7.1.34 03/02/2020


Greek letters offset in print

In printed drawings, Greek letters such as theta, alpha and gamma were offset and on the screen, characters from a different font were displayed.

Kerning disabled by default

Character strings like "P.3", in combination with activated kerning and an adapted character spacing for the ISO 3098 font, lead to an overlapping display of the characters. Furthermore, kerning is not supported by the intelligent PDF export. You can re-enable kerning for the respective font. The new option can be found in the editing dialog for individual fonts (menu "Text" > "Foreign language translation" > "Dictionary" > "Fonts").

Word spacing of fonts

In addition to the character spacing, the word spacing for a font can now also be set. All character fonts preconfigured by Treesoft have been adapted accordingly. The new option can be found in the editing dialog for individual fonts (menu "Text" > "Foreign Language Translation" > "Dictionary" > "Fonts").

Evaluation of contact mirrors for dummies

The evaluation of contact mirrors for dummies, to determine the number and type of stored contacts, now works correctly again.

CAD Fremdsprachenübersetzung

Save and restore the output language and output alternative language

From now on, both the output language and the output alternative language will be saved and restored for each project.

CRM Adressverwaltung

Connect to a main address

Using the command "Connect to a main address" in the menu bar in the address window, the current address can be assigned to a main address, here the old address list was replaced by the new one.

Connect to a secondary address

Using the command "Connect to a secondary address" in the menu bar in the address window, several secondary addresses can be assigned to the current address; here the old address list has been replaced by the new one.

Further customer/supplier numbers

When adding further customer/supplier numbers, the old address list was still used until now, but this was replaced by the new address list.

Software information, transfer product to another address

Using the command "Produkt auf andere Adresse übertragen" in the context menu of the main products under Software Information in the address window, the old address list was used until now, it was replaced by the new address list.

CRM Mailing

Send Email

Using the Send button in the e-mail direct dispatch, the old address list was previously used, if the specified e-mail could not be assigned to an address. The old list was replaced by the new address list here.


Select supplier for prices

In the dialog Material you can add more prices to materials, here you can select a supplier by clicking the button for addresses next to the input field for suppliers. The old address list was still used here, but this has been replaced by the new address list.

Select main supplier

In the Material dialog box, the old address list was previously used when selecting the main supplier. The old list was replaced by the new address list here.

Select manufacturer

In the Material dialog, the old address list was previously used when selecting the manufacturer. The old list was replaced by the new address list here.


Assigns a delivery address

In the "DATANORM, ELDANORM oder ZVEHNORM (mit Pluspaket) importieren" dialog, the old address list was still used until now, this was replaced by the new address list.


Link email with address

Practicing the command "Link email with address" in the tabs Email inbox and Email outbox you can link emails with addresses, here the old address list was replaced by the new one.

With the command "Insert hyperlink" you can link different data in the text of entries, when linking addresses the new address list is used in the dialog Insert hyperlink.

7.1.33 02/19/2020


Grayscale filter adjusted

The brightness of the grayscale filter has been adjusted to improve the display on low-contrast monitors.


Link entry with address

When linking entries in the notifier, the old address list was still used until now, this was replaced by the new address list.

Treesoft Office

Only workstation licenses are displayed in the license wizard in the Service/Hotline-details menu

In the License Assistant in the menu Service/Hotline-details, workstation or user licenses are displayed according to the license file.


Adding addresses in project settings

When adding addresses in the project settings, the last added address is set as project address, this must not happen. The project address does not change anymore when adding more addresses.

Update addresses after adding

When adding addresses via the project settings, the view for addresses at the bottom of the project management was not updated. This behavior has now been modified so that the view for addresses updates as expected when changes are made.


Sort and reload addresses

When sorting and reloading addresses, the previously selected addresses were remembered, which led to too many addresses being selected, for example, when manually resolving duplicates. This has now been fixed.

Link entries with addresses

It is now possible to link entries with addresses that have no contact person.

Crash when adding addresses to address groups

Attempting to add addresses to address groups before opening the address group view crashed, this has been fixed.

Company exit in employee information

The employee information in the address dialog has been extended by a date field for the company exit date.

Filter by employee

The button for filtering by employee has been extended by a drop-down list box. Here you can now select whether you want to filter by employed, retired or all employees.

CRM Dublettenbereinigung

Double qualifications after resolving addresses

When resolving addresses, it could happen that both address and contact person qualifications were duplicated. This error has now been corrected, so that the newer one is always transferred to the target address if the qualifications are the same.

7.1.32 02/06/2020

General optimizations and stability improvements.

7.1.31 01/30/2020


Correction and optimization of memory management

Due to drawings with large graphics, it could happen in various functions that the allocated working memory was completely utilized and thus problems could occur during the saving process.

7.1.30 01/29/2020

CAD Fremdsprachenübersetzung

Added differential collision check

The new filter "Show texts with colliding translations only" has been added to the "Translate" dialog. Every single text is checked for collisions with other objects on the same page in its mother language. Then the collisions are checked again for the translations stored for the text. If the collisions differ, they are marked accordingly in the filtered list.


Adaptation for screen scaling

The display in the news widget now respects the screen scaling set in the operating system.

7.1.29 01/27/2020

General optimizations and stability improvements.

7.1.28 01/24/2020

CAD Fremdsprachenübersetzung

Import procedures adapted

The Excel/CSV dictionary import matches the translations to be imported using the reference language of the dictionary. If the entry to be imported contains no translation in the reference language, it was simply added to the dictionary. From now on for an entry to be imported without a translation in the reference language, the number of matching translations for each entry in the dictionary is determined. The entry to be imported is then synchronized with the entry in the dictionary with the most matches. If there is no entry in the dictionary with matches, the entry to be imported is added to the dictionary.

Project template mother language

In the options dialog of Treesoft Office, in the branch "Projects > Project Settings", the project template mother language can now be set. It determines the preselected mother language when creating new projects and determines the reference language when importing into the Treesoft CAD dictionary.

Function "Translate" in the dialog of the same name mitigated

The "Translate" function no longer removes translations that are not found in the dictionary.

Add translations to the dictionary from the "Translate" dialog

Entries of the drawing which can be assigned to an entry in the dictionary are no longer ignored when adding them to the dictionary.

Function "Translate all" in dialog "Translate" apparently without function

If the function "Translate all" was executed in the "Translate" dialog and the dialog was closed with the "OK" button without selecting an entry in the table, the active drawing was not reloaded. This resulted in apparently no translations being stored.


Add addresses to address groups

It is now possible to add addresses to address groups. This is done by selecting the desired addresses and then execute "Add addresses to address group" in the context menu of the address list. A dialog for selecting the desired address group then opens.

Remove addresses from address group

The address list now offers the possibility to remove addresses from address groups. To do this, you have to select an address group on the left side of the address list and then select the addresses you want to remove in the address list. Then select "Remove addresses from address group" in the context menu of the address list.

Take over addresses from address sub groups

It is now possible to take over addresses from address sub groups to address groups. To do this, select an address group with address sub groups in the address list and then execute "Copy addresses from address subgroups" in the context menu of the address groups.

Add link to address

Contacts can now be linked to addresses via the address list, previously this was only possible via the address window. To do this, you have to select a contact on the right side of the address list and choose "Add linked address" in the context menu.

Revision of the dialog for selecting the address group

In the address window you can display address groups by clicking on "Listen, Gruppen". This dialog has now been replaced by a new Qt dialog.

Link entries with addresses

You can link entries with addresses via the context menu in the address window, the old address list here was replaced by the new address list.

Add link to address

In the address window, you can use the context menu to link individual contacts with addresses. The old address list has now been replaced by the new one here.

Add alternative address

In the address window you can assign alternative addresses to the currently opened address via the menu bar "Adresse, Alternativadressen, Alternativadressen hinzuf?gen". The old address list has been replaced by the new address list here.

Add addresses to an address group

In the address window you can now use the menu bar "Adresse, Einer Adressgruppe zuordnen" to assign the currently opened address to an address group again, this did not work since version 7.1.0.

CRM Filter

Filter by address number.

In the address filter dialog you can search for specific address numbers when creating and editing address filters, the old address list here has been replaced by the new address list.

CRM Mailing

Select address

When selecting e-mail recipients, the old address list was still used, it was replaced by the new address list now.


Adding addresses

In the project management you can add addresses in the settings. Here the old address list has been replaced by the new address list.

7.1.27 01/20/2020


Text in exported PDF incorrectly positioned

Center-aligned or right-aligned texts were positioned incorrectly in exported PDF files.

CAD Fremdsprachenübersetzung

No texts in exported PDF

Changes to the fonts resulted in exported PDF files no longer containing texts. This problem could only be solved by restarting Treesoft CAD afterwards.

Excel/CSV export in the "Translate" dialog

The context menu can now be used to start the Excel/CSV export for selected entries which have already been incorporated into the dictionary.

Import method for Excel/CSV/dictionary/drawing import into the dictionary adapted

The import method "Add missing translations" has been removed. The names of the two remaining import procedures have been changed to "Add and Supplement" resp. "Overwrite, Add and Supplement" and a tooltip has been added.

Setting removed from Excel/CSV import

For Excel/CSV import, the setting "First row is header:" has been removed. In future, all Excel/CSV files to be imported must contain a header. More information can be found in the context help of the respective import dialogs.

Display problem in the dictionary

After removing several entries, there could be display problems in the list; Entries were incorrectly sorted or an empty line was displayed.

CRM Adressverwaltung

Crash when opening software information

When opening software information, a crash could occur if the color ID of a software group reached a certain value. With each new software group, the color is automatically incremented internally.

Not possible to find by address

Due to an error in the address list it was not possible to search for addresses when the full text search were selected.

Treesoft Office

Incoming e-mail accounts, some e-mails cannot be retrieved

Under rare circumstances it could happen that certain e-mails were not picked up cleanly from POP3 accounts by our mail agent. This problem occurred in conjunction with the email permissions management and could only occur if a relevant address or email account had permissions.

7.1.26 01/13/2020

General optimizations and stability improvements.

7.1.25 01/07/2020


Match symbols

This function imports information about all symbols in libraries into the database. Until now, it was available either via the symbol management, via Set symbols (F4) or the environment in the options dialog. In the future it can be used under the name "Import" exclusively via the environment in the options dialog. In addition, there is an "Export" there, which transfers the symbol information from the database to the descript.ion file in the libraries.

CAD Fremdsprachenübersetzung

Buttons in the "Translate" dialog

The buttons "Set translatable", "Set not translatable" and "Toggle translatable" in the "Translate" dialog are now activated or deactivated depending on the translatability of the selected entries.

New filters in the "Translate" dialog

In addition to the filter "Show translatable texts only", the filters "Show activated drawings only" (available in non-cumulative view), "Show translated texts only", "Show untranslated texts only" and "Show texts without found translation only" are now available.

Function "Incorporate all" in the "Translate" dialog

The function "Incorporate all" is now limited to translatable texts.

Function "Incorporate" in "Translate" dialog

Using the context menu, selected texts and their translations can be added to the dictionary.

Import dialog for function "Incorporate" and "Incorporate all" in dialog "Translate"

As with the Excel/CSV/dictionary import, an import dialog is opened.

Changing the native language of individual texts

If a project was assigned the wrong native language and a drawing was opened and saved, all texts of the saved drawing now have the wrong assigned mother language. The adjustment of the project mother language does not change the mother language of the respective texts. This can now be adapted in the "Text" dialog by left mouse clicks on the country flag on the left above the text input or via the context menu in the "Translate" dialog. If a text already has a translation for the new mother language, the languages of the affected translation and the text are swapped.

Applying of translation from dictionary

The dictionary can be called up in the "Text" dialog via the "Dictionary" button. After selecting a suitable entry, it can be accepted via the "Apply" button. In addition to the translations, the text itself is now also overwritten with the contents of the entry from the dictionary.

CRM Adressverwaltung

If the focus is on the "Search" field, you can now navigate up and down the list using the arrow keys.

Global keyboard shortcuts in the address list

Global keyboard shortcuts were partly intercepted by the input fields and thus could not be used, this has now been fixed so that the global keyboard shortcuts work as expected in the new address list.

The navigation buttons at the bottom right of the address window were not previously associated with the new address list. This has now been changed so that the buttons can be used to navigate in the address list.

Saving of the address group selection

The address group selection was previously saved, this was removed since this is not intuitive.

E-Mail Viewer

Missing e-mail attachments

With e-mails that have a certain format that deviates from the standard, it could happen that individual attachments could not be extracted from the e-mail.

7.1.24 12/10/2019

CRM Adressverwaltung

Global keyboard shortcuts in the address list

Until now the global shortcuts could not be used in the new address list, this has now been fixed so that the shortcuts can also be used here.

Incorrect name in the address list

In the address list, the name "Kurzbeschreibung" was accidentally displayed, but the corresponding field in the address window is called "Kurzbezeichnung". The name in the address list has been changed to "Kurzbezeichnung".

Focus in dialog contact selection

When opening the dialog the search was not focused, this was fixed now and the search is focused as expected.

Confirmation of contact selection

The contact person selection can now be confirmed by double-clicking on addresses and contact persons.

Displaying addresses in the geodata tool

Addresses with postal codes to which several postal code areas are assigned could not be displayed. These addresses can now be displayed as expected.


Delete dialog positions.

"Delete dialog positions" from the window menu now also resets the positions of the "Set symbols via catalog tree" windows.

CAD Konverter

Display of the work area

When using the "Update floor plan" function, the maximum dimensions of the working area are no longer displayed.


If the CAD Converter was started from the CAD wizard selection, a message appeared saying that the active project is already being processed and that the CAD Converter is therefore not working. This message no longer appears if the same user has opened the project in CAD and wants to open it in CAD Converter. If another user tries to open the project in the CAD Converter, this message still appears.

7.1.23 11/29/2019

CRM Adressverwaltung

Address list loses markers when multiple markers are enabled

The multiple marker could easily be lost by accidental clicking in the table. Now it behaves as expected, so the check box must be checked or unchecked directly. A click on the row is no longer sufficient.


Project-related text module file

The functions for creating and editing project-related text module files have been removed.

Output via intelligent PDF export

All PDF files are now output with the correct character set.

CAD Konverter

Project lockdown

The CAD converter now checks unilaterally whether the project to be processed has been locked.

CAD Fremdsprachenübersetzung

Additional languages

The range of languages output with the character set "ISO 3098" has been extended. See

Additional languages/character sets

Additional character sets have been added to support Chinese/Japanese/Korean. Unfortunately, these cannot be used correctly via the PDF export at this time. Please contact our support if you want to export them via intelligent PDF export.

Multiple selection in dictionary

Several entries can now be marked for deletion in the dictionary.

Status of fonts

Fonts which cannot be loaded are now displayed in red in the list of fonts.

Native language of dictionary can only be changed via key combination

The native language of the dictionary is defined by the order of the languages. The first entry is always the native language. Since this entry has a special meaning, it can only be changed using the key combination CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+M.

Status bar extended by language and alternative language

In the status bar, the country flags of the language and alternative flag are displayed. Left-click the mouse to select another language/alternative language.

Automatic marking of translatable texts

Symbol texts are now always set to "Translatable" or "Not translatable" according to the whitelist.

Transfer of translatability status when labelling symbols

The translatability status is now adopted from the symbol text to be labeled in the "Text" dialog.

All language and country dialogs

All language and country dialogs are now sorted according to the order of the languages and countries in the dictionary.

Text input for character sets in dictionary adapted

The inputs for "Source" and "File" have moved to the first line of the settings.

Several old references to the old foreign language translation removed

Among other things, the menu entries for the old foreign language translation have been removed from the Options dialog.

Transfer of translations

In the "Translation" dialog of the "Text" dialog, translations can be taken over via the "Dictionary" dialog. Instead of adding missing translations, all translations will now be replaced with each from the dictionary.

Text blocks removed from "Text" dialog

All text blocks with the exception of "PLC blocks" have been removed.

Exclusion of numeric texts

All texts that do not contain any letters are now marked as "Not translatable".

CAD Gebäudetechnik-Assistent

Copying electrical components

When copying electrical components, the marking was also copied, i.e. after the copying process, two electrical components with the same marking existed in the floor plan. In order to avoid this, a '$' character is now inserted into the marking instead of the circuit and the code number. This is to signal to the user that he wants to use the component I'll have to rewrite it.

Position list

When working with areas in a floor plan, the area was displayed together with the number of the floor plan in the column "Floor plan" in the converted position list. The error did not occur in the cumulated position list.


When calling the functions, the respective list is now automatically generated for all areas and does not have to be created explicitly; the "Start" button has been removed from the toolbar. The display of individual circuits has also been improved by highlighting the selected circuit in color and displaying the rest of the drawing in gray tones. If segments of a circuit is distributed over different floor plans, these are displayed in a different object type. This object type can be selected in the options dialog under Floor plan->Object types in the drop-down list field "Line display".

In addition, the list remains open while individual circuits are displayed, so that you can navigate through the list without having to restart the display function each time.

Cable/line connections

The list "Cable connections" is sorted by the column "Circuit" by default. This column was previously sorted numerically, so that alphanumeric circuits can be mixed up into were included in the list. Now an alphanumeric sorting is applied.

7.1.22-beta 11/22/2019


Status in Translation Dialog Enhanced

Translated texts that do not contain translations for the current language or alternative language are now highlighted by separate icons and tooltips.

Preview in dialog Translations

After activating the cumulated view, the preview is reset.

Language and alternative language in the Translations dialog

Both the language and the alternate language are now treated like the ones selected in the Text dialog.

CRM Dublettenbereinigung

Detailed description of duplicate resolution if license is missing

A highlight of this new upgrade is the revised duplicate cleanup. All CRM customers can now retrieve Only the duplicate resolution requires an additional license. If such a license is not yet available, the help opens with a detailed description and why you should definitely use this module.

7.1.21-beta 11/18/2019


Whitelist created when starting Treesoft CAD

The "TranslatableWhitelist.txt" file is now created when Treesoft CAD is started if it is not already present. For new installations, the file is created directly.

Adjustment of the buttons in the toolbars of the foreign language translation dialogs

The size of the buttons in the toolbars is now determined differently. The change prevents that in some toolbars the buttons are displayed too small and in others too large.

Button for text blocks in the Text dialog box

The Text Blocks button is available again in the Text dialog toolbar.

Validation of texts added when importing into dictionary

The texts to be imported are now validated and cleaned so that they only contain the characters permitted for the respective language.

Background update of the dictionary

Changes to the dictionary are now automatically distributed to all logged in users.

Multiselection in dialog translations

Several texts can now be selected and switched to "Translatable" or "Not Translatable" using the [Spacebar] key. This also applies to the cumulated view.

Freely definable text and column separators removed

When importing into the dictionary, no freely definable text and column separators can be set.

Problems with CSV import fixed

Depending on the combination of text and column separators when importing into the dictionary, not all text could be imported correctly.

Translatability during conversion

When converting drawings of version 7.0 or older, only texts with a text height greater than zero are marked as "Translatable".

Input field for mother language in Translation dialog disabled

The input field for the mother language in the Translation dialog is no longer "read-only" but disabled.

Database path removed from status bar

The database path is no longer displayed in the status bar.

7.1.20-beta 11/15/2019


Problems saving drawings with T-connectors fixed

When saving drawings in the new data format, it could happen that several symbol definitions were generated for similar T-connectors. When reading such a drawing the processing could crash.

Autocompletion optimized

The autocomplete results in the Text dialog are now sorted.

Notification of untranslated text during export and printing

A message is now displayed during intelligent PDF export and file/project printing when not all text for the selected language or alternative language can be output.

Mother language for import into dictionary

The mother language when importing into the dictionary can no longer be freely determined, but now corresponds to the mother language of the dictionary.

Decimal places fixed in dialog Text

The number of decimal places in the Text dialog is no longer determined by the settings for the number of decimal places for the display, but is fixed at two.

Exclusively potentially translatable texts in dialog Translations

The Translations dialog now lists only those texts that are potentially translatable. These are texts with the text type comment and variable.

7.1.19-beta 11/11/2019


Filter optimized in all filterable foreign language translation lists

All filters now work like the full text search. The input is divided into words and each word must occur. Word separators are all forms of spaces as well as the CAD line breaks up and down.

Dialog titles adjusted

The "Edit Text" dialog has been renamed to "Text". The "Edit Translation and Add to Dictionary" dialog has been renamed to "Translation (Add)". The "Edit translation and update in dictionary" dialog has been renamed to "Translation (update)".

Added whitelist to determine the translatability of variable texts

The file "TranslatableWhitelist.txt" has been added to the AppData directory. This file contains the contents of the variable texts, which should be marked as translatable when converting a drawing.


Filter execution optimized

Address filters can be used to search for specific addresses. Depending on the application, very complex filters can be created, which take several minutes to execute. Previously, the application was completely blocked during this time. With the new address list, this no longer happens and the filter is executed in the background. Unfortunately, it was not always clear to the user that the filter was still running. To make this clear, the following measures have been taken:

  • The filter name is now displayed directly in the title of the address list and not after the execution.
  • During execution, most buttons of the address list are disabled.
  • Whenever the address list loads something, a loading indicator is displayed in the toolbar on the far right.

Filter results for contact persons and communication

As a result, an address filter can not only filter addresses, but also the contact persons and communication in these addresses. Depending on the setting, only filtered contact persons and communications are displayed in a filtered address, or all of them are displayed, but the filtered ones are marked with a color. This mechanism did not work properly in all situations.

Multiple shipping considered too many contacts

In the case of multiple sending, depending on the address filter, it could happen that too many contact persons were taken into account.

7.1.18-beta 11/04/2019

General optimizations and stability improvements.

7.1.17-beta 10/29/2019


Optimized foreign language translation

Input of translations optimized and internal application preparations for the translation function significantly accelerated.

CAD Projektliste

Tab for CAD files renamed from TreeCAD to CAD


These two functions have a very strong relation to the address list and will be used directly above it in the future.

Treesoft Office

Two error messages with wrong login

If you try to log in with an incorrect user name or password, an error message will appear. This message was displayed twice due to an internal error.

Search in workstations now Case-Insensitive

The new list of work centers now makes it possible to search specifically for work centers. Up to now, this search was case-sensitive. However, since you rarely know the exact spelling of a work center, the search now ignores upper and lower case.

CRM ERP-Schnittstelle

Synchronization of salutation and letter salutation with the Sage New Classic interface

The salutation/letter salutation is now also taken into account in the comparison. In Sage New Classic - in contrast to Treesoft CRM - the salutation (is rather the salutation by letter) is not stored as text, but coded. We encode/decode the information during the comparison into the corresponding valid formats.

ERP Preisberechnung

Selection of net prices after importing a Datanorm price file not possible

Datanorm files can contain both net and gross prices. The same applies to Datanorm price files that can be used to update prices via price maintenance. If the Datanorm file did not contain net prices, but the price file did, then it was not possible to select net prices in the price calculation. The prices were imported correctly, but were not available for price calculation. This error has now been corrected.


Contrast between background and text color of calendar entries improved

Depending on the background color the text of a calendar entry was hard to read. The text is now oriented to the background color and is displayed in either black or white.

7.1.16-beta 10/18/2019

CRM address management

Address list, search for phone numbers containing a minus sign

After selecting Communication in the drop-down list field, you can search the entire communication via the new address list. Phone numbers that contain a minus were not found.

Address list, focus on search input when changing the search criterion

Via the new address list, you can select which contents you want to search using the drop-down list field. After selecting the search criterion, the focus is now directly in the search input.

Mark content of search input when opening address list

After opening the address list, the search entry is now automatically marked so that it can be changed directly.

Performance optimization of the address list

By reducing the number of database queries executed, it was possible to drastically improve performance.

ERP Preisberechnung

Selection of net prices after importing a Datanorm price file not possible

Datanorm files can contain both net and gross prices. The same applies to Datanorm price files that can be used to update prices via price maintenance. If the Datanorm file did not contain net prices, but the price file did, then it was not possible to select net prices in the price calculation. The prices were imported correctly, but were not available for price calculation. This error has now been corrected.

7.1.15-beta 10/11/2019

CRM Adressverwaltung

The menu Address previously contained the two menu commands Mark and Invert. These commands refer exclusively to the address list and were therefore removed from this menu. In future they can be used directly via the new address list.

7.1.14-beta 10/11/2019

Treesoft Office

Missing commands in Treesoft CAD window menu added

The window menu in Treesoft CAD now contains the e-mail outbox, e-mails in transit and the notifier in addition to the e-mail inbox.

7.1.13-beta 10/03/2019

CRM Adressverwaltung

CRM Dublettenbereinigung

Notification of missing salesman settings

During duplicate resolution, salesman are deleted and entered again. For this purpose, a history entry is created to log this process. Now the user is correctly informed if settings are missing and have to be added in the options dialog.


F2 function newly implemented and switched to dockable windows

The F2 function was implemented from scratch and switched to undockable windows. The articles/symbols to be displayed are now loaded much faster. The window handling was significantly improved. A list of the advantages:

  • Faster loading of tables
  • Better window handling with single or multi-screen operation
  • Windows can now be docked or undocked, the program remembers the positions and sizes of the windows.
  • Now all main windows of the function can be opened at the same time (Article/Name/Graphic)
  • Instead of only articles/symbols of the selected catalog branch, all articles/symbols of sub-branches can now also be displayed.
  • More modern look

7.1.2-beta 08/13/2019


New foreign language translation and new ZNG data format

The newly developed foreign language translation is now available to you. Translations no longer replace the texts of drawings, but supplement them.

This allows you to change the output language on the screen, print and export PDF files in real time. There is no need to make copies for translated drawings; one drawing contains all translations.

This change requires changing the ZNG file format and assigning a mother language to each project. For more information, see the Foreign Language Translation Guide.


Rename projects if project directory is still in use.

If the corresponding project directory cannot be renamed when renaming the project, an error message is displayed and no changes are made to the project name and directory.

7.1.1-beta 08/08/2019

CRM Einstellungen

Deleting Main Groups/Groups Subjects

Subject deletion is now possible even if the subject is still in use.

CAD Konverter

Circles with small radii are exported as points

It may happen that circles with small radii were exported as a point, even if the circle is part of a symbol with a high scaling factor.

7.1.0-beta 09.07.2019


Updated workplace installations

In this upgrade, there are changes to the installations for individual workstations (WorkstationSetup.exe). If you have a server license, it is necessary to update all workstations. Run WorkstationSetup.exe from the program directory of Treesoft Office on the respective workstations. The program directory of your server can be accessed via the TreesoftProgram share.

z.B.: \\<server-name>\TreesoftProgram\WorkstationSetup.exe

New and renamed services

In the course of this upgrade, some changes were made in connection with services.

The following names have changed:

  • Treesoft Find Server -> Treesoft Fulltext Search (TreesoftFindServer -> TreesoftFulltextSearch)

The following services have been added:

  • Treesoft Fulltext Search Demo (TreesoftFulltextSearchDemo)
  • Treesoft Backend Demo (TreesoftBackendDemo)

The latter two services are specifically responsible for the demo client and are only used there. Previously, this task was performed by a single service, which has now been split for speed reasons, among other reasons.

These changes may affect your backup concept. If you are using a batch-based script for the backup, please correct the names of the services accordingly.

Flamerobin replaces the IBOConsole

So far we have delivered the program IBOConsole for the separate access to the database. Due to age and technical problems this tool has now been replaced by Flamerobin. In the program directory of Treesoft Office there is a link to start Flamerobin with preconfigured databases.

CAD Konverter

Redesign of wizard selection and toolbar

The names of the wizards and some icons have been updated. A more detailed description of each wizard is now displayed in the wizard selection.

Project-based work

The CAD converter is now, just like the CAD, bound to a project. To change the active project, the "Edit" command is available in the toolbar and in the "Project" menu.

New function Refresh floor plan drawing

It is now possible to update floor plan drawings exported using the bidirectional module. To update a floor plan drawing, start the CAD converter in the "PDF/DWG/DXF Export Building Services" wizard and open the configuration in which the floor plan drawing to be updated was exported. The command "Update floor plan drawing" is then available in the toolbar and in the "Export" menu. After starting the function, select the new floor plan file. The export areas are automatically transferred to the new floor plan drawing. In the export dialog, the transferred export areas are displayed with the status "Update". Start the export by clicking the "OK" button. Before the export, a backup of the active project is automatically created, which you can restore in case of a problem in CAD via the menu "Project > Manage > Reconstruct …".

Fixed several crashes

After selecting objects for editing, the software could crash due to various functions such as changing the wizard.


New duplicate cleanup

The module for searching and resolving duplicates has been completely revised. The new duplicate search is more efficient and can be executed in the background. It is easier to use, offers a transparent process and now considers more aspects of addresses.

New geodata tool

The geodata tool has been completely revised and is now ready for international use. It offers an intuitive internal map on which the results of address filters are displayed visually. Additionally it offers the possibility to display all addresses in Google Earth, to export them as KML files or alternatively to print them. The rights for the export can be assigned in the options dialog under "Geodata Export". For structuring purposes, address filters are arranged in groups and saved globally.

Treesoft Office

Uniform service menu in all modules

Via the service menu, important information such as the hotline details can now be accessed in all program parts.

Settings for query window in options dialog revised

The settings for displaying and hiding query and confirmation windows have been revised. The individual entries are now displayed more clearly and a search makes navigation easier. Via a button it is possible to activate all query and confirmation windows at once. After the update, all query and confirmation windows are displayed by default and can be deactivated in the options dialog under 'Query and confirmation window'.

Workstations in the options dialog revised

The configuration of the workstations in the options dialog was modernized and adapted to today's requirements. Workstations with an inactivity of one year are now hidden by default. In addition, a search function makes it easier to find workstations.

Postcodes in options dialog revised

The postal codes were supplemented by area, municipality, longitude and latitude. and will be used in the new geodata tool in the future.

Banks in options dialog revised

The BIC has been added to all bank data.

SQL console removed from options dialog

As an alternative you can use the included program Flamerobin in the future. The SQL console was partly very limited and did not support all SQL commands.

Further revised settings in the options dialog

  • Divisions
  • Contact Positions
  • Contact person Salutations
  • Salutations by letter
  • Countries
  • Payment methods
  • Contact person additives
  • Contact Title
  • Colors
  • Currencies
  • Financial accounts
  • Processing status
  • Spell check
  • Page settings for reports
  • Units
  • Activities
  • Raw material surcharges
  • Serial number ranges
  • Accounting types
  • Construction phases

Other remote settings in the options dialog

  • Web browser
  • Windows integration


Display of categories in the options dialog according to a fixed order

The categories of the full text search in the options dialog are now sorted according to a fixed order. Sorting via columns no longer refers to categories, but only to configurations. This makes it easier to find the most frequently used categories.